At Title Assistants, Obtaining a robust title insurance policy is simpler than ever with our Policy Typing Services. Our team helps you typing the lender’s, owner’s and also simultaneous!

Our agents comprehensively check all the paperwork and guarantee that they comply with the underwriting requirements. Rest assured that all of the information acquired as well as the policy papers that have been prepared are error-free.

Why Choose Policy Typing Services at Title Assistants?

  • Title Assistants has been an integral part of the mortgage industry from a years.
  • The team is an expert in every step of the process, from loan origination to settlement.
  • The experts are able to spot missing information and papers, including tracking trailing documents quickly.
  • We have the knowledge you need when it comes time to purchase title insurance.

Why is 'Title Assistants' Your Justifiable Choice for Policy Typing Service?

10+ Years of Experience

Title Assistants has more than a decade of expertise in the mortgage market.

Domain Expertise

Title Assistants agents are familiar with all the processes and the documentation that is required, beginning with the origination of the loan and ending with the settlement.

Systematic Process

Title Assistants agents have a sharp eye for attention to detail and are able to identify missing information and paperwork, including promptly tracking down following and supporting documentation.

Insurance Facility

In order to get title insurance, we have the expertise and experience necessary to meet all of the criteria.


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What We Offer

Title Assistants Conduct The Title Search And Provide The Data Requested To Type The Title Policies

  • Complaint with ALTA best practices for any process we define for our services.
  • Typing the lender’s, owner’s policy, and simultaneous policy.
  • Address your policy backlogs rapidly while maintaining the ongoing closing processes.
  • In case of a mortgage refinance, owner refinance, or simultaneous refinance, we review the policy papers.
  • Monitor your problematic documents through our reports related to conveyance, tax status, and encumbrance information.
  • Get better insights on your mortgage, owner, or simultaneous refinance through the policy papers.
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