A payoffs is receiving payments from the buyer and fulfilling the seller’s obligations in connection with a real estate transaction. The payoffs function is performed by the title and settlement services company.

Title and settlement service businesses offer a solution called Sub-Escrow (loan payback) to expedite money management during real estate transactions.

We at Title Assistants highlight all the outstanding payments as well as follow-up on the documents needed

We will assist you in identifying if all the necessary paperwork is processed and payments are made to creditors and concerned authorities.

Also, the Title Assistants will send the buyer the registered deed and the owner’s title insurance policy in a final letter within a month of the transaction’s closing date.

Why Title Assistants?

Here are some of the key features why you should work with TA:

Disbursements Checks

We will manage documents of all closing-related disbursements.


Title Assistants will highlight the payback amount to pay any outstanding property taxes.


We will bring attention to the insufficiency of finances needed to meet current obligations.


Save Your Time

30 minutes 1-1 meeting


Get Your Work Done By

Skilled Professionals


Get Your Final Documents after

Complete QC And within time.


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What We Offer

What We Offer

  • The title industry is replete with numerous ups and downs. Title Assistants help title companies to jump through the hoops and scale over the hurdles in the day-to-day transactions of the industry.
  • With the aid of cutting-edge technology, Title Assistants has the capacity to handle a large volume of demands, even within a short timeframe.
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