Order Entry or Order Processing

Title & Settlement is a major industry facing the challenge of quick property closing. The management and processing of massive amounts of data from various sources pose this significant challenge

While the process is straightforward, we collect various details such as property address, county, parcel ID, and more. We then process the collected data, and provide the final result in multiple formats.

Still, it needs a competent staff and 100% accuracy. At Title Assistants, we continuously train our staff to ensure efficiency, accuracy, confidentiality, and security throughout the order entry or order processing.

We Follow the Process That Facilitates You in Every Way Possible

To provide ease, our well-versed team receives data from multiple sources. Our trained staff at Title Assistants provide error-free order entry or order processing services. We have quality checks in our systems that we strictly follow while implementing the SOP.

Not only this but to go the extra mile, we have a proper Quality Check department with strict QC measures to provide you with error-free service. The team at Title Assistants always puts a sharp eye on lengthy files as they have a higher ratio of discrepancies.

We Follow Our Four-Step Theory To Complete The Order Entry Process:

  1. Submit your order entry request through email or industry-adopted platforms like SOFTPRO, Qualia, RamQuest, or others.
  2. We then put the data into the software according to your given SOP.
  3. We will QC the entered data to check the errors (if any).
  4. At last, our team will process the data.

At each stage, we thoroughly validate the touch points to ensure accuracy. Additionally, our staff meticulously verifies the county during data entry to prevent any inconcinve later on.

Why Title Assistants for Title & Settlement Order Entry or Order Processing Service?

Our experienced professionals have order entry skills and are capable of handling any kind of order-related request. We not only have the necessary bandwidth but also offer simple scalability based on the needs of the customer and the amount of work that has to be done. Why choose Title Assistants for the order entry process?

100% Accurate Results and Quick Turnaround Time

Our staff has undergone extensive training and has the necessary experience to provide title & settlement service to our customers with highly accurate order entry or order processing solutions within a committed deadline.

Domain Expertise

Because we have such a comprehensive grasp of the mortgage industry’s requirements, we can provide individualized services to each and every one of our customers.

Simple and Transparent Process

We use a simplified order entry approach for mortgage transactions to guarantee that correct results will be provided within the allotted time frame.

Safeguarding of Data

We comply with strict data security rules in order to guarantee the total safety of any information you share with us.

Rush Files

We do not charge you extra for the rush or commercial files.

Difference between Order Entry and Title & Settlement Order Entry

In a traditional order entry services or order processing services, an order entry team takes order details from the customers and adds the data into a defined system. However, in Title and Settlement services, order entry is more challenging than it sounds.

It includes more technical information and attention to detail which is extracted from multiple sources. In simple words, an order entry includes basic details like the first name, last name, address, and other personal information.


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