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The legal field is at the forefront of a significant shift due to the rise of electronic document recording (or eRecording). E-recording reduces paper use and makes document indexing much more manageable. Moreover, it is essential to maintain a permanent record of property transactions and related rights and privileges.

In most cases, eRecording involves paperwork to purchase or sell real estate or other tangible assets. Local, state, and federal laws permit the electronic recording of settlement notices, tax liens, tax sales certificates, lis pendens, and IRS liens.

Title Assistants provides eRecording services using experienced resources and methodologies to comply with the criteria to keep your records safe.

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Here are some of the key features why you should work with TA:


The   time   it   takes   to   process   papers   at   the   recording   office   can   be drastically reduced, and your team can focus on the core business.


The records you have eRecorded are safe in case of a natural disaster, and Title Assistants can eRecord for you.


eRecording has monetary benefits since it reduces or eliminates the need to print costly copies or locate permanent storage for bulky data.


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  • The title industry is replete with numerous ups and downs. Title Assistants help title companies to jump through the hoops and scale over the hurdles in the day-to-day transactions of the industry.
  • With the aid of cutting-edge technology, Title Assistants has the capacity to handle a large volume of demands, even within a short timeframe.
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