A title commitment is one of the most important documents in closing because it contains covered and not covered title insurance policy details. Without one, it’s impossible to understand the conditions and exclusions of the title insurance. You may be leaving yourself open to future legal challenges and headaches if you don’t scrutinize it. It also lists all the property’s liens, obligations, and burdens.

Title Assistants is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to secure their property in a quick and efficient manner. With our commitment typing service, you can easily remove any legal complications that may arise from having multiple liens or past due balances on title while still making sure it will be marketable when bought new by potential buyers!

As we have spent years in this industry, we have all the right tools and a team of experts who can carry out the process rapidly based on the needs and information available before the submission.

Title Assistants make it easy to get a Title Commitment that is free of mistakes. Our Commitment Typing services can help you move quickly to get rid of the property’s liens, unpaid bills, fines, and other issues to make it sellable. With us, you can assure your clients that the title is clear and the transaction can go smoothly with no legal problems in the future.

With the right technology and industry expertise, we efficiently handle residential, commercial, and industrial abstracts. This ensures accurate reports for every title commitment typing services. Our streamlined processes support both refinancing and purchase transactions, enabling us to deliver exceptional typing services without errors or unreadable images.

Why Choose Commitment Typing Services at Title Assistants?

  • With our help, you can rest assured that your customers will be able to successfully sell their homes without worrying about any legal hassles.
  • We take pride in processing at quick turnaround times and we maintain the highest standards of accuracy.
  • The latest technology is at your fingertips with our expert support.

Why Title Assistants for Commitment Typing Service?

Complete Quality Check

We make sure that the people who buy from you will have a clear title and won’t have any legal problems in the future.


We get things done quickly and accurately while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Automated Processes

Professionals with a lot of experience and the latest technology to back them up.


Save Your Time

30 minutes 1-1 meeting


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Skilled Professionals


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Complete QC And within time.


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What We Offer

What We Offer

  • Collection and verification of the information from the title searches, lien searches, and property tax status report
  • We record the new deed and any new loan documents, along with correcting any errors in the title.
  • Type the information from the Abstract report, the Vesting report, the Chain of the Title report, the Mortgage report, the Judgments/Liens report, and the taxes report into the Client Application to make the Commitment report.
  • Our team of experts scrutinize the document for things like Buyer, Seller, and Lender info, legal details of the property, insurance dollar amount, type of Title Insurance Policy, and premium rate.
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